The 5 Styles of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Posted April 13, 2020 by in Fashion
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When it comes to keeping a sensible budget, it’s important to consider aspects of your life that have to change. If you spend too much money on eating out, it’s sensible to cut the time you spend at restaurants every week. You can easily use the same approach with your wardrobe.

Shoes can be the hardest thing to cut out of your life. But if you break it down, there are only a few essentials you need in your closet to keep a minimalist approach. 

Here are 5 styles of shoes every woman should own:

Women standing in a circle showing off shoes

1. Hiking Shoes or Boots

You should never underestimate a good pair of hiking shoes. It’s important to consider a place for these in your closet to encourage you to exercise more if you don’t already. The perfect pair of shoes can help you feel energized to take longer walks and adventurous hikes!

The style of shoes or boots that you’ll want to wear, depends on what type of exercise you like to do. Doing research on websites like can help you find the footwear tailored to your specific needs. Even if you don’t hike, this resourceful website contains information on regular walking shoes and other various other kinds of footwear.

It’s also worth mentioning you should take the time to ensure your shoes, especially the ones you exercise in, fit perfectly. Health professionals like the good people you’ll find at the Better Health Channel report that footwear that fits well helps make physical activity easier and also helps to keep your body safe from injury.

woman wearing hiking boots

2. Sneakers

Most people will think of tennis shoes. But some sneakers are different from your average pair of sports shoes. A sensible pair of fashionable sneakers will pair well with just about any casual outfit, like with jeans and a t-shirt or your favorite capri pants. If you shop during the right sales and look for online coupons, you can even score more expensive name-brand sneakers like Adidas or Vans.

Sneakers come in all kinds of colors. If you’re looking to minimize your wardrobe, however, you should stick with one or two trusty pairs. Many popular brands have a sleek white or black on white sneakers that go well with anything with which you decide to pair it. Check out Del Toro Shoes for your next go-to sneakers.

coral sneakers

3. Strappy Sandals

Of course, everyone should already own sandals, since they’re a summer staple. But strappy sandals are the cross between a casual flat and a fancy shoe that is essential for every shoe rack. Whether you’re attending your first prom, taking a beach vacation, or even attending a fancy outdoor event, strappy sandals are the stylish shoe that gets you where you need to go.

This option is lightweight and lets your outfit stand out on its own. A good sandal acts as an accent to your look. You could go for a basic pair with just straps, or find an accent you know would suit the clothes you already own. Getting the right sandal is crucial by not doing so can cause discomfort due to the lack of arch support.

blue strappy sandals

4. Ballet Flats

Every woman needs a pair of simple ballet flats. Also called skimmer flats, these sure are comfortable and easy to wear. They come in a variety of different colors, with many women opting for a neutral like pink, tan, black, or white. If you want to choose one pair, these colors will fit with any other color in your outfit perfectly.

These shoes toe the line between casual and ladylike. You can wear them with just about any kind of cute skirt or shift dress. You can even pair them with shorts like cutoffs if you’d like to keep it modern.

ballet flats

5. Ankle Boots

The ankle boot is the type of shoe that goes with everything. Wear them with jeans or your fanciest maxi dress, and they’ll act like a cherry on top of a sundae. The simple boot with a powerful heel makes a simple and concise statement.

This style of shoe often has a neutral color palette and a short, walkable heel. The zipper enclosure makes it easy to wear physically, while its style makes it easy to wear in public year-round.

black ankle boots street style

Though many women prefer to keep a tight budget in this economy, many can agree that shoes are a complex issue. However, we can combat this when we break them down into the essentials that every lady should own. Though this list is by no means exhaustive, these 5 styles serve as the foundation for many trendy looks.

Always keep in mind that you don’t have to buy shoes you know you won’t wear. Assess your individual needs and change your list accordingly. Just know there is a whole world of options out there for you to try when you’re ready!

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